Social Advertising From 35% To 50% Of Display In 3 Years

Advertising 2016
Advertising 2017
Advertising 2018

Source: IAB Europe, data apply to European market

What about advertising efficiency?

What are your benefits by moving advertising from traditional media to social media? Yes you gain reach and you potentially gain engagement. But are your customers happy when you disrupt their content experience?

Do you gain access to your customers data to learn more about your customers how to shop your products and services or there these data locked up and only released by the platforms for big money?

Through DISEO you win

Not only you as an advertiser win, but also the users and communities. Fair share of advertising income. 

Increased Advertising Efficiency

All prices are as per demand and offer. You pay less than elsewhere by directly paying users.

  • Paying users directly on auction basis reduces advertising costs significantly.

  • Since users are paid for advertising, you achieve much more attention than otherwise.

  • Since users actively select you, the value of advertisement is significantly increased.


Access to User Data

Yes, you gain unlimited data access – however only with the consent and agreement of the users.

  • Users have the ability to earn income for granting access to their data.

  • Users have the ability to reject you for whatever reasons of their choice.

User Income

Ability To Target

Symbiotic, mutually beneficially targeting. You select your audience. Users select you.

  • Only those users which correspond to your targeting criteria will see your advertising.

  • Only those users which have accepted your advertising will see your logo or message.


No Fake-Users

Since users can only earn after they have been verified, there are no fake-users.

  • Users earn income from you as an advertiser. This income goes into the digital wallet of a user.

  • However, the digital wallet is only activated after the user has been identified though an official document.

  • Since you directly pay your users, your advertising only reaches real users.

User Identity

Embedded Brand Experience

You do not disturb users. Instead, the brand experience is seamlessly embedded into users content experience.

  • Instead of being diverted to an external landing page, users visit your embedded brand or product profile


  • On your brand profile users can engage with your brand and to become brand ambassadors.

  • User see which of their friends are engaged with your brand and how they like your products.

Brand Experience

Typical Prices

Our prices per view, per click or per action are lower than elsewhere, since you as a brand directly pay the users for accepting you and interacting with you.

Europe  $0.04  $0.20  $0.40
North America  $0.05  $0.25  $0.50
Latin America  $0.02  $0.10  $0.20
North East Asia  $0.03  $0.15  $0.30
South East Asia  $0.02  $0.10  $0.20
Central Asia  $0.01  $0.05  $0.10
Middle East  $0.02  $0.10  $0.20
Africa  $0.01  $0.05  $0.10

These are the typically expected prices. Effective prices can be higher or lower and include the buying power of the targeted region, the density of advertisers per targeting criteria (demand) and the readiness of the users to accept a certain price (supply).

Pay per View (CPT/CPM/TKP)

Users directly earn for seeing your logo or your consented advertisement.

Pay per Click (CPC)

Users directly earn for clicking on your logo or consented advertisement.

Pay per Action (CPA)

Users directly earn for an interaction performed with your brand.

Pay per Lead (CPL)

Users directly earn for their permission to receive an offer from you.

Pay per Order (CPO)

Users directly earn for referring friends to become your customers.

Your Brand Benefits

  • Unmatched marketing efficiency
  • Content embedded brand experience
  • Happy and engaged connected consumers
  • Increased positive brand recognition

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