Do you own or manage a brand that you advertise on social media? Are you concerned about ever changing advertising rules, fake users, brand unsafe environments and most of all, being cut off from the insights your consumer create? Why not connect to consenting, high value, real consumers now!

Reinventing Social Media Marketing

Transforming digital advertising by turning your audience into micro-influencers.

Real consumers, real engagement, real insights

DISEO is different. With DISEO you can connect directly to real, verified users. Cut out expensive middlemen and pay users directly with micro payments to watch your advertising or promote your brand.

Putting the consumer at the center

We put the consumer at the center as much as you do. Every user receives a digital ID and wallet. Users decide with whom, when and how they share data and what advertising they want to watch based on their personal interests. And they get paid for it! Your advantage? Direct access to consenting and motivated REAL users and their insights that ultimately results in an improved bottom line through higher ROI on your advertising.

Discover new ways of connecting with your consumer through social commerce

Advertising is just one way to get in touch. Turn your consumers into micro influencers and ambassadors. Ask them to share their insights about your brand and products with their friends and the community. Drive trial through tailored promo drops. Ask them to help you with advice and insights on how to improve your products and services. Build real and lasting eye to eye relationships!

The future of digital advertising

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