Data rights are human rights!

DISEO decentralized social commerce.

We enable users, communities and advertisers to take back full ownership and control of their data so they can both control and benefit from it.

Social Media is broken

Users pay with their privacy to connect and engage with others on social media. Not knowing who has their data and how it is being used.

Communities are not able to determine their user experience and do not get a fair share of social media revenues.

Advertisers and brands face ever changing advertising rules, fake users, brand unsafe environments and most of all being cut off from their consumer data and insights.

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We fix social media through decentralization.

Every community in any industry gets its own autonomous DISEO-powered mobile social media & commerce platform.

All DISEO-powered platforms are seamlessly connected to one global decentralized mega platform.

Each user receives a unique, real and 100% private Digital ID. In a next phase Blockchain technology will be applied to increase security and user control.

DISEO is committed to fair revenue share and the highest ethical standards on data privacy and safety. Connecting the world with neutral SWISS SAFE infrastructure.

Fair share instead of winner takes it all. Social Media becomes Social Commerce!

Users | Control & Income. Earn immediate income from watching advertising, creating content or anonymously sharing your data with brands while maintaining 100% privacy and data control.

Communities | Connect & Interact. Direct and unfiltered user access. Control your community user experience and platform monetisation through advertising and content. Create new revenue streams through social commerce. User or companies can offer content and services to other users via your platform.

Advertisers | Connection & Information. Consenting users unlock 1st party data on a strict user controlled opt in base, no fake users, a brand safe environment and as a result better targeting and higher ROI. 

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Each unique, all connected

Each community app has unique state-of-the -art social media and commerce functions, individual design and rules. But all are instantly and seamlessly connected to one global mega platform via DISEO. Social commerce incl. user wallets and your own currency are DISEO standard.

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State of the art functionality

We built a unique modular social media and commerce ecosystem that can be customised to meet your individual needs.  

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