DISEO provides value to any industry.

DISEO increases communications efficiency and customer interaction. In contrast to other social platforms, DISEO not only facilitates customers to connect with company profiles but also with products, services, locations, brands, events, jobs, and more. Companies and organizations can use their interactive social profiles on any DISEO connected social platform. In addition they can attract their customers to their own social platform.

This dual system of profiles and platforms has the advantages that profiles can be reused on any DISEO-connected platform with the permission of each individual platform owner. This multiplies the visibility reach and possible impact for each profile owner along with the resulting increased revenues. On the other side it multiplies the revenue opportunities for each platform owner through added income from revenue sharing.

On your own community platform you can prioritize your own profiles and you can grant permission to profiles of other organizations. This makes your community platform more attractive for your users and facilitates additional income from automated revenue sharing.

With DISEO, users have total control over their data and their content. Users receive income ino their integrated wallet from brand engagement and for granting permission to advertisers to target them.

Use Cases

Intensify engagement with your customers, increase marketing efficiency and achieve additional income. For each industry, DISEO generates multiple strategic benefits and competitive advantages.  


For pricing of communities of more than 100,000 users, please request a quote. We offer flexibility to upgrade and downgrade depending on your needs. We can operate communities with several 100 million users.


  • Own branded social platform on shared mobile app.
  • For small communities seeking secure communications.
  • Up to 10,000 users
  • Immediate setup without setup fees
  • COSTS PER USER (billed monthly):
  • €0.00/mo per active user incl. 5GB
  • €0.00/mo incl. 1 PU per user (3)
  • YOU EARN (immediate payout):
  • 10% of net revenue (4) in addition to profile income (5)


490monthly (1)
  • Your own mobile social app in your name in the app stores.
  • For growing communities seeking to increase income.
  • Up to 100,000 users
  • Setting up your app without costs
  • COSTS PER USER (billed monthly:
  • €0.15/mo per active user incl. 5 GB (2)
  • €0.15/mo usage fee per PU (3)
  • YOU EARN (immediate payout):
  • 50% of net revenue (4) in addition to profile income

(1) Payable 12 months in advance then quarterly. VAT applies to all fees (Swiss entities only). A deposit is requested to secure monthly costs.

(2) Separate fees apply to passive users and inactive users.

(3) PU = Processing Unit. One processing unit enables convenient use with low video/streaming intensity.

(4) Net revenue = remaining revenue after payment to profile owners such as beneficiary and revenue share to other value contributors.

(5) A minimum revenue threshold applies for payout.

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