Learn more how you can apply DISEO to your own business or organization to better reach your audience and interact with your community on your own social platform.

Decoupling User Data from Social Media

27.5.2021 16h CET – hosted by Whatagraph in partnership with DISEO.

Webinar / Live Stream with discussion on how to solve the Social Dilemma.

Host: Frank Sondors, SVP Sales, Whatagraph
Speaker: Dr. Joachim Schwerin, Principal Economist, European Commission, GD GROW
Speaker: Dr. Urs Aebischer, CEO, DISEO

Discussion around data protection, privacy, security, decentralization, democratization and how decoupling of user data from social platforms can support users to gain control on their data as a valuable asset.

Next Generation Social Media

5.6.2019 – ZDigitalTalk with Zbigniew Nowicki.

Interview during conference Interact Warsaw 2019 by IAB Europe.

Decentralization of Social Media by interconnecting autonomous communities where users unconditionally own their data.