Are you tired of having to pay with your privacy to connect and engage with others, not knowing who has your data and how it is being used? Are you also asking yourself the simple question, “If I don’t know what’s really going on, what choice do I have to do anything about it?!” Do you feel out of control, compromised and and commoditised? Don’t… There is an alternative!

Lets fix social media together

DISEO is different. After signing up you get your unique 100% private ID. We protect your ID and all your social media data using the latest secure technologies. You choose what you want to share, when you want to share it and with whom. All opt in. No opt out! Its your data. Your choice. Always! 

Get paid watching ads, become a micro influencer, micro donor, micro entrepreneur

With your private ID you get your own digital wallet. By doing what you always do; watching advertising, recommending products or creating valuable community content, you now automatically earn money! Thats right … brands will pay to get in touch with you and for your support.

Every view and every brand reference adds up. Money flows automatically into your wallet without any hazzle. Now with DISEO, when you get in touch with brands you get paid for it. All you have to do is share whatever information you decide is worth sharing and start earning. And when its some to advertising, DISEO puts you in charge. Your data. You choice. Always! 

Social Media as versatile as you

With your private ID you can customise as many personal profiles as you want. Whether its creating a family, business, sports, politics or dating profile you decide what parts of your identity you want to share and with whom. What defines you? You decide!

One ID endless possibilities

By signing up with any DISEO community you are automatically connected with all other DISEO communities and their users. But you control what part of your ID can be seen where any by whom. 

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