As a community owner, for example as a consumer brand or publishing business… or as any other community of any industry… have you ever felt that Big Social platforms dictate all the rules and capture virtually all the value from social user engagement? Do you question why you don’t have more control on determining what you want your users to experience, or do you wonder why you’re not able to benefit from a fair sharing of revenues generated by the community based on your efforts?

Well, then let’s change it!

Solving the Social Dilemma

Decoupling data from platforms, sharing control and revenues.

Lets fix social media together

DISEO is different. With DISEO you control social user engagement of your community, so you can give your members better, more meaningful experiences and earn your fair share of the value you’ve created.

Unlock new income streams

DISEO offers more than “just” social media to communities. First off, you will be able to monetize community activities through advertising to consenting and engaged users. And of course, you can decide if and how you charge for the content you create. But that’s just the beginning. With DISEO you can unlock true Social Commerce on your platform. Users can share information or offer content and services to other users for a fee. As platform owner and facilitator, you receive a revenue share on each transaction on your platform.

Decentralised but interconnected

By joining DISEO you are automatically and seamlessly connected with all other DISEO communities and their users. All DISEO-powered community platforms share all users and all content with all other platforms – however, with the permission of the user and under the control of each platform owner. This gives you full control with which communities you collaborate with and how. Build powerful alliances with other organizations and brands to create even more value for your consumers. The choice is yours. You are in control! Always!

Getting started is easy, fast and cost efficient

DISEO has built state of the art social media & commerce modules that can be quickly combined to create your very own branded mobile app, with relevant and unique target group user experiences. Through the DISEO shared ecosystem you can cut go-to-market timings down to more than half at unbeatably low build up costs. You focus on your users and their experience, we take care of everything else. Our infrastructure is as flexible as you need it to be and grows with your needs.

You already have an app or other digital assets? No problem they will be seamlessly integrated. Nothing is wasted.

Are you looking for exciting, totally new-to-market functionalities? No problem. Everything goes. You are in control!

Your community. Your rules.

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